Assam: Women Empowerment

Assam: Women Empowerment

Women, who are the backbone of our society have been neglected for far too long. The Bjp government under Sarbananda Sonowal promised of upliftment and empowering women in the state of assam but have clearly failed to do in the past couple of years being in power, Issues such as better employment opportunities, equal pay and specially created jobs for women have been failed to be addressed by the state government and have faced a huge backlash by various women organization and NGO’s. Some of the issues that the women in the state are facing are-

6000 cases of domestic violence in Assam in the year 2018, conviction rate of only 2.8% (Times of India)

169 complaints of crimes against women received in less than a month on the 181 helpline, most cases involve rapes, dowry demands and domestic violence in Assam

Assam accounts for the worst maternal mortality ratio in the country (30)

Gender discrimination, economic constraints, lack of political Participation and social stigma are the main obstacles to overcome in order to empower women in the state

Female enrolment rate in Assam is below fifty percent in spite of universalization of primary Education and provision of mid day meal schemes

Schemes like majoni, mamoni, baideu, nabou and Nabuwari were introduced for women development and Empowerment in Assam by the Congress but these schemes have not been provided enough budget or recognition under the BJP government led by Sarbananda Sonowal.

So, it is evident that there is a clear contrast between the ideologies of the bjp and the Congress,The bjp government has failed to live up to it’s promises and has even worsened the situation by not allocating appropriate funds to various schemes started by the Congress of the upliftment and Empowerment of women in assam
It is now upto the Strong, hardworking women of the state to choose it’s leaders, ideology and government, to choose between the bjp that has neglected their issues and the Congress that has always supported and addressed the issues of the women in assam and in India

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