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Meet this Martial Arts Gold Medalist from Assam, who is teaching young girls on how to retaliate any violence against them

What differs us from the ordinary is our will to fight and the courage to stand back on our feet. Today let’s talk about one such extraordinary guy named Satyajit Dey, a professional gold medalist in Martial arts who not only knows how to fight but also trains thousands of young girls in the state of assam in the technique of martial arts, In such testing times, it becomes important to not only recognize such great individuals but also to promote and honour them.

India in the recent years has been fazed with the prospect of increased crimes against women and cases of domestic violence have been on the rise, To combat and to make the women of our country self dependent, confident and to equip them with the right means to train and fight if needed.

A resident of lumding, Assam. Satyajit started training in 2016 and later on went on to participate in state and national level competitions for Martial arts. He has won a quite a few prizes, that include a gold, silver and a bronze medal in the state competition. He has specially trained in self defense techniques and have been training women in such for some duration of time

One of the initiatives that he has carried out is about organizing self defense training camps for girls and women of the area, in order to teach them self defense, survival tactics and self defense weapon training. This training is not just about teaching them just to fighting but also about giving them the exposure and confidence that may allow them to be more free in their daily lives and may step up to the occasion if needed, in order to protect themselves and their families.

He wanted to share this initiative and wish to continue it and also try to spread it to other parts of the state and country and strengthen the women of our society because they are the backbone of our society, and empowering them would mean empowering the society as a whole.

Assam: Women Empowerment

Assam: Women Empowerment

Women, who are the backbone of our society have been neglected for far too long. The Bjp government under Sarbananda Sonowal promised of upliftment and empowering women in the state of assam but have clearly failed to do in the past couple of years being in power, Issues such as better employment opportunities, equal pay and specially created jobs for women have been failed to be addressed by the state government and have faced a huge backlash by various women organization and NGO’s. Some of the issues that the women in the state are facing are-

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